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Can I Know My Five Fold Ministry Gift?

In Five Fold Ministry Articles on October 6, 2007 at 3:35 pm

Can you really know what your five fold ministry gift is? Yes, you can! Before I share how you can know your five fold ministry gift, let me see if you’re like me:

Are you searching to know where you fit in ministry, specifically the fivefold ministry? Are you ready to have more fulfillment in ministry? Do you see tapping your five fold ministry gift stream as one of the keys to getting your answers?

I know where you are right now. I’ve been there.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want a position that reflects your strengths, gifts and interests
  • You want to commit to something that you really enjoy
  • You want to impact the lives of those around you in a positive way

Like I said I know where you are because I’ve been there.

For over 15 years I’ve served as a ministry leader (Sunday School Supt., Youth Pastor, School of Ministry Instructor, Training and Development, Fine Arts, Media, etc.) and as an ordained elder since 1996. Many times throughout my 15 plus years in leadership I’ve noticed a lot of leaders fill, volunteer or be drafted for positions because there was a need, not because it was how God designed them or gifted them. As a result, many have felt tired, unfulfilled and empty.

Think about the choices you’ve made this year.

How many times have you said, “Yes” when you should have said, “No”.
How much time have you lost, valuable time being busy doing a good work, but not the God-given assignment that makes your heart sing?
How many leaders do you have in your ministry (you can include yourself here too), or personally know who are doing the wrong assignment?

In 2000, I deliberately started to examine my contribution to the Body of Christ. More importantly, I asked God what plans did he have in mind for me that would impact the kingdom and would prosper me spiritually and personally.

My search led to an important discovery about my C.A.P. What I discovered over time was that the place I had the most success and gave me the most fulfillment flowed out of one particular five fold ministry gift stream. That five fold ministry gift stream is teacher.

In 2005, I recieved a request from ministry leaders to look forways to fine tune where people serve in leadership. There were some general assessments, but none specifically that stood out for five fold ministry leaders.

  • I spent hours interviewing ministry leaders (those using the five fold ministry model, those who wanted to grow their leaders and those who wnated to know more about five fold ministry).
  • I compiled notes from my studies (introduced to and took graduate courses in five fold ministry in 1989) and experiences over the last 15 years, in addition to the Word of God which served as the foundation for this special charge to grow and equip leaders in the Body of Christ.

My desire to help you identify where you fit in ministry led to the development of the Wearing The Right C.A.P.(tm) Five Fold Ministry Assessment.

Is There a Better Way?

Absolutely! Since 2005, I’ve been administering the Wearing The Right C.A.P.(tm)  Five Fold Ministry Assessment© to ministries and churches. We have been able to accurately assess the primary and secondary five fold ministry gift stream for leaders in various denominations and size. Our accuracy rate has been 96%. The assessment takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

In fact this first assessment has also birthed a workplace and youth assessment. I’m soooo excited with what God has done! The glory must go back to Him!!

Are you curious about your five fold ministry gift? Then, keep reading. You’ll find what you’re looking for here. If not, email a question in the feedback section.

It’s all about you. What do you want to know?

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  1. how will i identify my GIFTS AND MINISTRIES?

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your question.

    Over the last 3 years (this month), God has given me an assessment to identify the five fold ministry gift for leaders in ministry. So far, we’ve had a 96% accuracy rate.

    There is also an assessment for non leaders to identify where they fit, not only in ministry, but in the marketplace as well. In the Fall, 2008, there will be a youth version released.

    The five fold ministry assessment will be available on line in a few short weeks. Keep a watch. Or better yet, sign up for the free mini-lesson to make sure you get the news first about the assessment and other great things happening.

  3. I would love to receive your survey and emails,

    Thank you and God bless you and keep you!

  4. How can I access the Five Fold Ministry Quiz? Please let me know.

    Take care.


  5. I am interested in finding out what my “five fold ministry gifts are.” can you help?

  6. like Peter how can a person indentify their gifts
    Thank you and God bless you

  7. More information to find out what your gift are please

  8. Esther,

    Yes, you can identify your fivefold ministry calling. Today (Oct 19th) I used the fivefold ministry assessment to help our new leaders in our ministry identify where they fit in ministry. Everyone who took it, confirmed the results were what God was saying to them.

    Good News! The fivefold ministry leaders assessment will be available online. We are fine tuning software.


  9. How can i discover my five fold gift

  10. For years I have the question in mind: where do I fit in the 5 fold ministry? Can you confirm what I have been told?

  11. i would like to take the test to find out if I have a gifting of the five fold ministry?

  12. What is the role of the 5 fold ministry gifts/offices today?

  13. hi .

    i’m so interested in the five fold ministry, so how can i identify which one in the ministry God has given to me and also how do i equip myself for it



  14. I thank God for the help and direction you give to members of Christ’s Body to become fulfilled in ministry and life, God bless you. Now, God called me as an evangelist; and He directed me to preach in vehicles with passengers in order to win souls for him. I’ve been doing that by His grace for about two years now. I am married with five kids and yet He told me not to do any other thing except preaching. Truly, I feel fulfilled doing the work, only that I have a lot of financial responsibilities. Pls, what do I do? God bless you.

    • The same way God gave direction about how to share Him in your territory, ask also about what He wants you to do as it relates to supplying finances for your responsibilites. Whatever God says, do that.

  15. Thank you for more insite about the fivefold ministry. The holy spirit has directed me to obedience and faith to study and act on it. Again thank you. I truely believe that teacher is my calling. I do work in the ministry but give all the glory to my Lord Jesus Christ; its a honor to serve him!!!

    • Very glad we could help you move forward in how God would have you express Him in the earth. Many Blessings!

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